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Holy crap… we’ve been drawn… but for real this time!!!

Yesterday I said to Mr T over breakfast “Today we will get drawn”.

He didn’t believe me. I pointed out it was Wednesday – they always draw on Wednesdays (this hasn’t stopped me checking for new draws every other day of the week though!), and it had been 2 weeks since the last one. “No” he says. The points wont be reduced again. And that was that!

Until 3:48pm… when I checked my Canadian Express Entry app and saw THIS…


447!!! We are 450… WE’VE BEEN DRAWN. But for real this time!

Could I get hold of Mr T? I tried: phone, text, messenger, facebook messenger, Skype call, facetime, snapchat, email… and probably a thousand other ways. No answer. How do you contain this excitement and panic? even worse than that though.. his phone was actually off!?!?

An hour, maybe an hour and a half later he turned his phone on. He had been for a run. Honestly! This was no time for Strava!

So I got to deliver the news this time. “We’ve been drawn. It’s happened. And nearly as important.. I was right”!

And so the process begins… and the lovely Andrea at Cando Immigration in downtown Kelowna has sent me the Invitation to Apply to prove it. I am back to panic and fear and excitement and a hundred other feelings. Some good. Some bloody fantastic. And some which I hate to say are awful! But hey! I’m a complex creature.



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