The false alarm

2 weeks ago today!

I had been in meetings all afternoon and knew Mr T had been ringing me. Using my sixth sense I knew it wouldn’t be anything urgent. Not really… I left my phone on my desk so had the calls vibrating on my watch. I was finally released, and he rang again. Here is the conversation..

Me: “Where’s the fire?”

Mr T: “I need you to go somewhere very quiet. Where no one at work can see or hear you… We’ve been drawn”

Woohoo!!!! Couldn’t believe it! We have 455 points and the draw was 453. A mixture of excitement, nerves, cold fear kicked in. Oh my god this was it. We’ve been waiting. We’ve had a bottle of champagne in the fridge chilling for this!

I managed to make it through the last hour at work feeling like my ears were full of cotton wool. Mr T was messaging our pals in Canada saying this is it – we are on our way. I was in a blind panic how to tell my mum!

This was short lived and we came back to earth with a bump. We got in touch with Cando Immigration to find out what to do next, and they had the tough job of breaking some pretty bad news. When we went in the draw we got 455 points. I have had a birthday since then… making me a year older… which reduces our allocation by 5 points. so actually we have 450 points which isn’t enough for this round. WOW! It certainly wiped the smile off our faces.

I can’t put my finger on how I felt. Sick – definitely. Upset – yes. Disappointed – yes. Relieved – a little bit and I can’t explain why.

Anyway. We remained in the draw another day. And Mt T and I switched roles for 2 whole weeks. The dreamer became the pessimist – Mr T went back to looking at pubs in the French Alps and sulking. But the scaredy cat became optimistic – the dream was not dead yet.


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